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Wirelessly posted

I've been getting more and more frustrated with this thing lately. It seems like there have been more and more outages this is downright unreliable. Last nights outage was the THIRD time my device left me embarrassed. I go out a lot. Last night I was visiting some clubs in an area I have never been. Someone asked how to get somewhere and I was like ... "I got it." Sure enough google maps didn't work because BIS WAS DOWN!!! Only Opera mini worked because it can use a TCP connection instead of BIS. Nothing else worked! But you know what? All was saved by my friends Nokia on the exact same network who found it lickedy split! This has happened multiple times. The last time I got lost because I ASSUMED it would be working. Nope nope BIS was down as per the outages page. The AT&T data network is normally never down here. Its mainly BIS problems. I am starting to hate the unreliable BB network.

And before you start saying its my fault for not keeping up with the schedule outages, that is absolutely the dumbest thing in a modern device. I should not have to keep up with outages and this thing should be reliably up when needed. The bb network is sucking tiny peanut sized lizard balls lately.
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