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Default Ultimate HQ BlackBerry Video Converting Guide!

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This will be the best, most precise tutorial for converting videos to Blackberry Mp4 format for high quality viewing.
Whether you're big on Media or not this will have your friends gawking even more at your BlackBerry phone. This tutorial will instruct you how to convert music videos & other Videos for high quality viewing in your Mp4 compatible BlackBerry device.

For Previews Of Converted Videos & Outcomes Of This Tutorial Visit The Link Below.
BlackBerry Videos

Table Of Contents
1. How To Install
2. How To Convert
3. Tips & Faq

How To Install
Step 1
First we need to find a good software for converting. I prefer PSP Video 9 which can be found here: PSP Video 9
Although it is meant for PSP videos the main point is that it converts to High Quality MP4 and that's all that matters.
I have numbered all of the windows you will find during the set up with "Step #"
  • Download the software.
  • Start Up The Install File & begin the process
  • Follow the instructions below to install the program.

Those are the default windows, in case yours look different (A box is unchecked) you can view the correct settings above. I outlined what you have to click in a black box.

Step 2
  • Choose your installation folder. You can leave it as it is. (First Image)
  • Click Install, the process takes a couple of seconds.
  • Check the "Run PSP Video 9 2.25" Box & Click Finish
  • This will now open up the Psp Program. Click "Start First Time Setup"

Step 3
  • Because We aren't installing for a PSP we're going to skim through these steps. Just leave your settings like this and READ CAREFULLY!
  • Leave all the settings as they are and keep clicking Next like in the Images. These are the only windows you will see in this process.
  • Once you have clicked Next on Step 9 it will close out. Open the PSP Video 9 program if it isn't open already & continue with these steps.

Step 4
  • With your PSP Video 9 Software open, click the "Settings" button on the top of the tool bar. [Step 10 In The Picture].
  • We will now select your video output. This is the quality and size which your video will be converted to. Under 'Encoding Profiles" click the "Profile" drop down menu . Select "Fw 1.50+ MPEG4 320x240 768kbs Stereo/128kbs 2-Pass" It should be the second one from the top. [Step 11 In The Picture]
    Once you have done this, CLICK "SAVE DEVICE SETTINGS"!!!! Which is located on the bottom right.
  • You're almost done. In this next step you will select your Video Output Folder. Click the "Devices button. It is outlined in black in the picture. [Step 12 In The Picture]
Step 5
  • Under the "Video Output Folders" section take a look at the "Mpeg-4 Videos" Directory. Click Browse to the right of the screen if you wish to select where your video are to be converted. Or leave it as is. [Step 12 In The Picture] Once you have done this, CLICK "SAVE DEVICE SETTINGS"!!!! Which is located on the bottom right.
  • [b]In order for all of these settings to go into effect you must close the program and open it again, in other words, retard PSP Video 9."[b]
    Your installation process is now complete .

How To Convert
  • Start by opening up your PSP Video 9 converter. Click the "Convert" button on the toolbar. [Step 1 In The Picture]
  • Either click on "Select File" (Located on the bottom right) or in the middle of the window click "Start The VideoWizard" for directions from the program itself. Once you click "Select File" or have followed the instructions provided by the program a screen will come up showing your systems folders. Find the folder where your video is located, click on your desired video file, and click "Open" [Step 2 In The Picture]
  • Once you have clicked "Open" or whatever the command might be on your computer, a screen will load on PSP Video 9. Here you will determine the quality settings for your video. In the picture I have the best settings chosen. Except for "Widescreen" if you would like your video to be represented in wide screen mode select this option, it will slightly improve your video quality.
    On the bottom you can see the estimated size of your file after conversion. [Step 3 In The Picture] It is important not to select "Enhance Quality" as for some reason it will not allow you to convert your video. Appears to be a glitch in the program or might only work with certain video types.
  • After you have determined the settings you want click "Next." Another page will come up, here it lists some information, it's invaluable as it doesn't impact your conversion and if you attempt to change file name it won't register it and name it the default file type anyways. Click "Start Converting" on the bottom right.
    That's it, you're all set. Your video will start converting, it should take 5 -10 minutes or more or less depending on the file size.
  • Once your video has converted all that's left to do is find it. Refer back to [b]Step 5[b] during the installation process and locate the directory you chose. PSP Video 9 sometimes saves files like this "M4V20001" so whatever the latest number is will most likely be your file. You can then change the name and drag it to your BlackBerry, or whatever else you desire.

  • The higher quality your original video that you plan to convert is, the better it will look after. If it's pixely and low quality before, it wont look much different after.
  • I suggest converting videos with a 320x240 resolution or higher, otherwise they will be stretched due to the output file being 320x240 (BlackBerry's Screen Resolution).
  • The program doesn't recognize all video types which is expected and might fail in the conversion process. Mkv. files tend to loose audio & video synch (No matter what program you use).
  • If converting a Tv Show, Movie, or any other large files I suggest finding a .3GP converter. Otherwise you will have one large file to deal with.

Q. What settings do you use for your videos?
A. The exact settings provided in my tutorial.

Q. My Mp4 Compatible BlackBerry won't play the video. What do I do?
A. The latest Generation BlackBerry should play the video. Try playing it on your computer first and see if it converted properly.

Q. I want to share my videos with other users. How can I do this?
A. Upload to a file host. Free File Hosting - File Dropper: File Host for Mp3, Videos, Music, Documents. Is a good new one and share your link.

Q. My BlackBerry times out and stops playing the video after a few minutes. What's wrong?
A. With high quality videos this tends to happen. Or it might be that you have your Password Lock "On" Simply unlock it and you can resume from the paused point. Or move your trackball around occasionally during play to prevent it.

Q. My videos are turning out really bad. What can I do to fix this?
A. Simple, either convert with higher quality settings, or find a better video to convert. This is not the PSP Video 9 converter's fault. It means your original video has low quality. Typically a music video of around 4 minutes in length will run at near 50 Mb depending on the file type if it has top quality.

Q. The audio isn't synched with the video. What's the problem and how can I fix it?
A. The problem is your original file's format. This will most likely happen with any software you use to convert that particular video. .Mkv files tend to do this a lot. You can fix it by finding the same video in a different file type.

If you have further questions concerning this program and/or this tutorial please feel free to contact me via messenger.

Table Of Contents
1. How To Install
2. How To Convert
3. Tips & Faq

For Previews Of Converted Videos & Outcomes Of This Tutorial Visit The Link Below.
BlackBerry Videos
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