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Originally Posted by Spamdumpster View Post
Is there a restocking fee for the new iPhone? You could always return it, and then buy a new one, to get a new 30-day period in which to return the iPhone. Frankly, I've always been surprised that people don't do this more often -- a quick trip to the AT&T store could, in theory, allow you to have a device that you could always return and upgrade for a new model.
I'm sorry. Maybe I will get flack for this, but IMHO this is just blatant abuse of a very good return policy. This sort of thing, if it happens enough, would force AT&T to have to come up with a stricter policy that would ultimately hurt everyone, especially those who have a legitimate reason to make a return.

If you have done your product research, and you think an iPhone is for you, then you should go ahead and buy one regardless of when the BlackBerry Bold is supposed to be released. If, after you have had a chance to work with your iPhone for a while, you determine that there are issues with it that you really can't live with, then there is nothing wrong with returning it. That is a perfectly legitimate reason to return it and get something else.

But don't go and get an iPhone, with the premeditated intent of returning it, repurchasing another, and then potentially returning that one for a Bold when it comes out, just so that you have something to "play with" while you wait for the Bold. It seems like an adult should be able to wait 30 days for the "toy" they actually want, without having to have some brand new substitute toy to play with in the meantime.

I am not as "surprised" as Spamdumpster (quoted above) that "people don't do this more often". Most people would think this was wrong, or at a minimum "questionable" behavior. Without question, it would be abusing a great retun policy that AT&T offers in good faith to consumers. It only works in the long term if consumers use it in good faith.
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