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Originally Posted by cbritton
I have Cingular unlimited blackberry plan that I got through Amazon. This device had no tcp setting configured when I got the device. From the posts above, using wap.cingular, et al. got my device working with VeriChat and MidpSSH. Up until 3 days ago, I was able to use these applications. Now, when starting VeriChat and MidpSSH, I get the error message: "could not open tunnel - failed". I've tried the other tcp options, but nothing works. (As a side issue, turning off the device and removing the battery reverts to the old tcp setting for some reason).

I called Cingular blackberry technical support and they said that if I need need to use wap.cingular I would need to get one of the wireless internet express options: pay per use, unlimited, etc.

Currently my bill stands as so:


With no option like this:


I called Cingular billing and the nice lady I talked to said that if I were to add one of the Wireless Internet express options, then I would be paying twice for the same service as the Unlimited blackberry plan already covers the same thing. WTF?

There's a great deal of frustration in dealing with Cingular regarding their 7290 offerings, not the least of which is the deceptive "unlimited blackberry data" plan. I would recommend that for anyone looking to get a 7290 from Cinguler with the intent of using third party applications: Don't do it.
This is the best way you can say it. Somehow we need to get a STRAIGHT answer from a high-level cingular representative (which probably won't be possible). As it stands right now, I'm paying an extra 20$ a month for access that I should have automatically with my Data Unlimited plan.. EVEN while REGULAR Cingular reps tell me that WAP Access is already included in my plan, which its not because the software didnt work until I added the 20$/month plan. This is rediculous and it needs to be figured out, Because I think I can save at least 30-40$/month by switching to another service provider like Verizon.

This needs to be figured out somehow, if anyone has any ideas? Because I'm at a standstill here.
-Unlimited Data Plan-which does come w/ wap.cingular access point included heh
Any Questions, feel free to PIN!

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