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Default Removing Modules From BlackBerry


If you have a BlackBerry JDE (Java Development Environment) you can do a number of things with an application called "javaloader" in the "bin" directory.

1. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC via a USB cable
2. Using a command-line window, navigate to the "bin" directory of the JDE (if the JDE's bin directory is already in your PATH environment variable, this step is unnecessary)
3. type "javaloader" at the command prompt. This will show you the list of commands available for the application, some of which you may wish to use in other situations.
4. the command "javaloader -u dir" should execute the "dir" command against the BlackBerry device attached via USB cable. You will get a long list of module names, so it might help to do "javaloader -u dir > modules.txt" to create a file that records that list
5. Somewhere on the list (I think it's alphabetized) there will be the COD modules you're interested in removing.
6. the command "javaloader -u erase -f MODULE_NAME" will remove the module named MODULE_NAME from the device. Note that MODULE_NAME is exactly as it is in the list provided by the "dir" command.
7. If you know the names of all the modules you want to remove, just keep doing "javaloader -u erase -f NAME" for each one. If you don't know the names of the modules you want to remove, you will need to track those down.

Good luck! Be careful, though - javaloader is a brute-force method of working with your device.


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