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Default CrackMem 2 released

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10/10/08- CrackMem V2.7 is here
10/1/08 -CrackMem V2.6 is here
9/04/08 -CrackMem V2.5 is here
7/24/08 -CrackMem V2.4 is here.
7/21/08 -CrackMem V2.3 is here.
7/17/08 - CrackMem V2.2 is here.
7/17/08 - CrackMem V2.1 is here.
CrackMem V2.0 is here.

CrackMem 2.7
-Changes to Help text to reflect visual changes and text to support new function

CrackMem 2.6 (464 downloads).
I am no longer saying that this is the final version. It is getting embarrasing. Changes this time around are:

-Fixed bug where Vendor.xml was not deleted if there was already a copy in RemovedFiles by deleting copy in RemovedFies.
-Changes to Help text. Removed step 18 from step-by-step guide as it was confusing.
-Removed files from 9000 series OSs
In Carrier Themes
In Pre-Loaded Wallpaper
rem net_rim_bb_medialoader_music_480x320_b.cod
rem net_rim_bb_medialoader_backgrounds_480x320_b.cod
In Sample Video
rem net_rim_bb_medialoader_480x320_b.cod

CrackMem 2.5 is hopefully (really) the final version (1054 downloads).
I said that last time and I was wrong. Maybe I should not be so optimistic.
Cthanges in 2.5 are minor. The only functional change is the removal of single file group net_rim_bb_media_88*.cod for 88xx series phones.
I added some more test to the help file and color coded different sections.
Fixed a problem where the Help text was not available when run from the Start menu.
Fixed a problem with installing and running when C: is not the boot drive.

CrackMem 2.4 is hopefully the final version (1460 downlaods).
The install now works on all versions of Vista including 64 bit system
I fixed the non-working Help button
The Help text has been considerably updated
ToolTips work on all buttons so you can see what you are about to do before you press the button
I found a little BlackBerry icon for the program - ah, sweet.

CrackMem 2.3 now installs as a proper Windows application. It has Windows style help.

There is support for Vista 64 bit systems.

Under Vista you need to take one additional step after installation on all versions of Vista.

Right click on the CrackMem icon and scroll to Properties.

Select Properties and then on the next panel, select COmpatability and then click Run this program as an administrator. This only need to be done once right after installation.

- Fixed non-working Help button
- Updated Help documentation
- Minor changes to menu text
- ToolTips work on all buttons so you can see what you are about to do before you press the button
- Put a BlackBerry Icon on the program

In v2.3
- Updated Help text to Windows standard Help
- Made more room for expansion in main panel
- Changed panel background color to blue
- Changed selected OS display from Red to Blue
- Added net_rim_bb_medialoader_320x240_b.cod
and net_rim_bb_medialoader_240x260_b.cod to
- Remove wallpaper module.
- Added ToolTips to buttons
- Used Windows install
- Support for Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit systems.
- ToolTips on all buttons
- a password BrickMyPhone must be typed before the Wipe Phone function will operate

In v2.2
- added remove tty
- added to help text
- changed the look from vertical to horizonal panel to gove more space
- fixed non-working Put It Back button

In v2.1 I have added
- removal tools for Yahoo, AIM and MSN.
- slightly changed the visual look.
- fixed a couple of bugs
- improved various dialogs
- requested a passphrase of ' BrickMyPhone ' on the Wipe Device button before proceeding
- improved the help text.

CrackMem is a free utility for helping to optimize the BlackBerry's memory. It has only been tested on 8xxx series phones.

This is a major revision of the user interface - it now has one - and I my friend alien_scum (a BsC Hons in Maths graduate) did the Delphi coding.

As you can see from the picture, CrackMem V2.x is a proper Windows program.

A maximum of 9 installed OSs are supported. I don't know what happens if you install 10.

About the only 'quirk' is that you have to exit the Help text before you can exit the program.

New options are Wipe Phone and Desktop Manager. Both these options require confirmation before the will action.

Please do be careful with Wipe Phone. It really will brick your phone in two clicks.

If you are unfamilliar with upgrading your phone's Operating System then please read this BlackBerry 101: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) | before starting.

- Download and install the OS that you wish to install on your phone
- Download and install Desktop Manager 4.5 from here
- Download CrackMem from the end of this post
- Unzip CrackMem (double click and select 'Extract all files' from the menu on the left. There is only one file.
- Connect your phone and make sure that Desktop Managher can connect to it. Watch for your PIN number to appear at the bottom of the Desktop Manager panel.
- Kill Desktop Manager but leave your phone connected to your PC
- Run CrackMem
- Select the Operating System you wish to install
- Confirm your choice with the 'Confirm Operating System Selection' Button and the selected OS will be displayed in red.
- You can change your choice now if you wish.
- In the MODULE REMOVAL section pick as many modules to remove as you wish. Make sure that you check the box for 'Remove Vendor.xml'
- Once you have finished slelecting, click 'Excecute Slection' and youi will see an 'Action Completed' box appear. CLick to dismiss it.
- Click the 'Desktop Manager' button.
- Instalation of the Operating System should begin automatically.
- Carefully select the modules you wish to install.

The rest of installing an Operating System is covered in detail in the BlackBerry 101 link above.

I welcome your comments.

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