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It is possible that this error is related to BES, although I too have not seen it.

After any new software load, whether an initial install or an upgrade, BES has to go through an intialization and synchronization process BUT in order for this to happen the BB must be connected to your PC and the PC connected to your work LAN or the network through which you get BES e-mails etc.

During this process BES, through the business network, not OTA, pushes out its service books, IT policies, eliminates any BES prohibited services and synchronizes and validates all the other services in the BB. This process can take 10-20 mins depending on the speed of the network connections and what you have on your BB.

After the OS install/upgrade and your phone reboots and reconnects to the carrier you need to leave it plugged in. In a few minutes you should be able to see the synchronizing/validation process being reported on the BB itself.

This is part of the Enterprise Activation process.

If this doesn't happen or is interupted during the process, it may give rise to this error.

Potentially, another source of this error is that you are trying to register your phone on BES without having an account to do so. Or you have changed phones but not advised the BES admins that this has happened. Many of these types of issues can be a function of what the permissions exist in the BES server software as set by the admins.

I operate on a large company BES and I have to be careful when reviewing these threads since operating on BES versus others who are using stand-alone BB's only using BIS can give rise to different issues or issues that aren't applicable to me. The inverse is the case as well.

Hope that helps.
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