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Originally Posted by lena_epchtein View Post
Yes, that is what I am saying.
The only difference between when my wifi is working and when it isnt working is under the BB infrastructure.
When BB infrast. is connected, wifi works fine.
When BB infrast. errors, wifi isnt working.

(or maybe its vice versa)
but thats the only difference I see under wifi diagnostic when wifi is/isnt working
The Blackberry Infrastructure settings are merely letting you know if you do or do not have a connection over Wi-Fi to the BIS servers. If your Wi-Fi is not working then naturally you will not be connected to the BIS servers over Wi-Fi. Hence the red x's.

You're going to Wi-Fi diagnostics, so the information you see will be related to Wi-Fi, not the regular EDGE connection your phone has.

If you want to see how you are connected to the various things (like BIS and voice) a better place to check would be Manage Connections > Services Status.

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