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Originally Posted by Pete6 View Post
Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed.

Your own signature betrays you .

CrackMem has been tested on CDMA devices and several users in the CrackBerry thread, now four pages long, report good results with 8130 and 8330 devices.

The program has been pretty well bashed to death over the last few weeks and has come from my original compiled DOS batch file (v1.0 - 1.6) to the present Delphi version. It has survived.

There seem to be no problems when used with OS 4.2.x.x up to OS 4.5.0.x.

It is equally clear that a program is no substitue for a human. One tiny change to a filename or a folder location and the program cannot cope. CrackMem will therefore only work with OSs that I have specifically targetted it for. It is my belief that RIM will not suddenly change their foder structure or their file naming convention in the immediate future so CrackMem can be 'tweaked' to support newer OS releases as they happen.

CrackMem has been tested under Windows XP and Vista Home Premium by me and by CrackBerry members under Vista 64 bit products.

In truth, you really should read my original post when you go there to download the program as it contains some fairly useful information. The built-in help text also contains an explanation of how the program works, what it does and exactly which files are moved. Please not that I said moved, not deleted. You can put everyting back just the way it was via a Put It Back button.

CrackMem is completely free and I offer it in this forum as a convenience to you since, we all have the same phones and seemingly similar enthusiasm.
Ok I have no idea what you meant by your shot at my sig but what ever.

I will not be downloading because I dont visit that site nor will I. I have my own reasons that dont need to be aired here. Its stupid to post a program and point to another site to download it that someone has to register to get it.

Just seems like you are trying to bump your post count and importance at the other site.
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