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Default Iphone 3g Vs Blackberry Anything

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I am writing this thread as a previous Blackberry Curve, and pearl owner. I noticed there are blackberry die hards all over this site and being a previous owner of one and now the owner of a Iphone 3g I wanted to confront those who love to " hate " on the Iphone. I ask you people this.... What on earth does ANY blackberry do that the iPhone doesnt do already or do 10x better?

Lets go down the list. Iphone goes up to 16gigs of available memory when you cant even expand the memory using a micro sd card on the blackberry to that big. So right there the iphone destroys the blackberry in available space to use for mp3's or photo's ect.

Moving on to size and design. First thing everyone who has a blackberry is going to say is the iphone is fragile. Yes ill be the first to say it is more fragile then a blackberry so if your looking to beat the hell out of your phone and not have a case for it then no its not the phone for you. But i see most blackberry users treat there phones as if there godly so i see no reason why it being a bit more fragile would be a problem. If anyone trys to say the iphone is not better looking then any blackberry even the bold ( who copied some of its design from the iphone ) has to be in pure denial. Blackberry has kept the same crude boxy design and change the colors and curves slightly with each phone but essentially keeping the boring ugly brick format. there latest innovation in years was moving from a track wheel to a track ball.

The internet. This is where the iphone single handedly blows the doors off any blackberry. First off the screen on the blackberry is so tiny and the graphics look like atari compared to the iphone. the webpages are modified and i dont care if its 3g or not ( which still isnt out yet for blackberry ) it will not look nor load the same speed as a iphone which is built for internet use. web pages come up fluidly and fast and identical to a pc rather then the 2 and half minute wait to get a shambled version of a webpage on a blackberry.

Next is all the affordable and extremely usable 3rd party and apple apps. you can download them right from your phone anywhere and for usually a reasonable price. unlike blackberry who requires u to hook up a cable to ur pc to download a 20 dollar alarm clock program

so what is the last hoorah for the blackberry. CORPORATE EMAIL. most people sign themselves up for it in the company to seem important barely using it but lets discuss this as if you really did need it and use it. Iphone now supports corporate email however not all companies are on to it yet so it may not be available. but once it catches on n it will, what happens to blackberries sole purpose? does the corporate email make the blackberry so great when it gets blown out on every single other option and feature? can someone please justify how they hate on the iphone and think the blackberry is so much better?
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