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Originally Posted by graystrickland
Since you're clueless, Alberto, about why mention of this Philips software would show up in a Blackberry forum, (snip)
You are quite right. I was clueless. Never mind how you responded, you are right, I did not know why you would think it worked.

Which is why I asked.

And I do not really look at the ringtone threads. I downloaded .mid files directly, and once I got what I wanted, I seldom change it. In fact, ringtones are unimportant most of the time, as I keep my BB on vibrate. Your answer is what I wanted, and I thank you.

A better response to my question would have been "Yes. It is a program that others have sucessfuly used to download ringtones on the BlackBerry and I need help to get it to work." Was that so hard?

Originally Posted by graystrickland
let me share that the ringtone threads here are chock full of mention of it as a free and easy way to cut and convert mp3s into the ADPCM files which are used as ringtones on the Blackberry.
They may be chockful of mention, as you say. Great place for you to ask questions about the program, eh what?

But then, of course, you could not leave well alone, could you? Got to have another dig....

Originally Posted by graystrickland
And thanks so much for contributing to this thread. You've been very helpful. Your keen wit and insight have benefited us all.
Any particular reason for the sarcastic response to a non sarcastic question, or does it just make you feel superior? Normally programs made to work with one OS don't work with another OS. I thought it was and is a valid question.

And, since YOU brought it up, i.e., being clueless, try searching for the question next time like someone else had to do for you.

And post on topic too. YOU did mention that there are threads on that topic, you know?

You will notice that I have aswered other posts by you, like the charger question, civily. Here, a question on something I wanted clarified generates an interesting response from you and I am not sure why. Having a bad day, perhaps?

Hope that your response made your day, laddie. Made mine

And I am willing to start over and chalk this to a bad day unless you want to keep it going for some unknown reason.....


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