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RIM is a "one trick pony"? Is that supposed to be bad?

And you can't compare RIM's first device to Apple's first device considering Apple introduce their first phone in 2007...way after the cell phone market matured. And Apple still didn't get it right. They forgot copy/paste, MMS, and a few other "standard/proven" features on most basic phones.

RIM came in and did email waaaaaaay before anyone else and didn't have a name like "Apple" (other than the fruit reference). Blackberry was built on performance and reliability not fancy marketing and coolness. Blackberry filled a void in the market whereas Apple is selling to mostly non-smartphone users.

Really, how many iPhone buyers are previous smartphone users?

Originally Posted by mullrat1 View Post
Excuse my noobness but I also have both devices. I've had blackberries for a long time. To me just compare the first generation BB 850 in relation to its competition. Pretty standard two way text pager. Really it was nothing special. Compare that to Apple's first device, again in relation to current competition. As a previous poster put it, it isn't finished yet, but when it is, they have the potential of taking over. You see RIM only has one specialty in its business. Apple as seen in that keynote address has three. And they are focusing heavily on the iPhone and attempting to knock RIM off its perch as #1. In other words they are using the majority of their resources from the other two arms to fund iPhone R&D and sales. RIM is a one trick pony. (smart phones)

For me by far the better device is my curve. I have every feature imaginable on it that I would need. But as the 3rd party stuff on the iPhone has improved, I noticed that my curve's use time has decreased a decent amount.

The only way iPhone will go down is if Apple beats itself.
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