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Originally Posted by netPOSER View Post
RIM is a "one trick pony"? Is that supposed to be bad?

And you can't compare RIM's first device to Apple's first device considering Apple introduce their first phone in 2007...way after the cell phone market matured. And Apple still didn't get it right. They forgot copy/paste, MMS, and a few other "standard/proven" features on most basic phones.

RIM came in and did email waaaaaaay before anyone else and didn't have a name like "Apple" (other than the fruit reference). Blackberry was built on performance and reliability not fancy marketing and coolness. Blackberry filled a void in the market whereas Apple is selling to mostly non-smartphone users.

Really, how many iPhone buyers are previous smartphone users?
Not too many. I would say that most iPhone users came from a regular cellphone. They are usually not looking for smart phone features in it. Basically most of them want an ipod phone that can play games and the like. The point in my post is that RIM's first device was not revolutionary compared to the competition at that point in time, which I made clear on my post. The iPhone is quite revolutionary comparing it to other phones in the market again at this point in time. RIM's email prowess has been copied (not very well) and I anticipate that the iPhone will also be copied ad nauseum over the next few months and years.

By the way, apple doesn't forget anything. They restrict. They're restricting copy/paste MMS and A2P because they are arrogant. They believe people will continue to buy their products and upgrade them as new features are released. For every apple product that I have, I feel almost like I'm borrowing it from Steve Jobs. I don't truly own it because of its many restrictions.
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