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mullrat, kind of like how RIM puts out the same phone in 5 version because they do not want to release the full model till the end of the product's life cycle? I don't think it arrogance at all, it's called a business model.

their putting copy & paste i think is coming straight from the top, I think Jobs has not liked what he has been shown on the ways to implement it, but it will be included.
And it will be included free of charge without making anyone buy a new device.

People buy apple products for all the same reasons they buy anything else, its different for everyone. Apple puts those restrictions on their products because they feel that they want to control every aspect of the user experience. This works very well in their OS and reasonably well in the computers. They found that it did not work as well in the Phone so they made an adjustment with the apps, or atleast made it look like that.

Thats just my take on it. Business is Business and every company follows their model for success.
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