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I think the people that want Blackberry's want them for different reasons than iPhones. Thats the nature of comparing the devices. The BlackBerry itself is a PDA/Phone hybrid with an emphasis on communication OTHER THAN voice. The iPhone is a phone/iPod with a computer-based OS and full Web 2.0 web browser, that like comparing apples and pears here.

To comment on what BlackBerrys can do that iPhones can't, there are so many seen as BlackBerrys aren't necessary just phones so they can do what a lot of phones cannot do, for example: Pin-to-Pin messaging. Apparently the Exchange features of the iPhone do not work as efficiently as on the BlackBerry devices, which isn't a surprise.

I know people with the iPhone that constantly tout how great the iPhone is, I'ved used the old one and when I'm ready, I'll have a spin on the 3G model but for me I'm not won over by touch screens and fancy looking OS. I'm more about functionality and abundance of features and connectivity. Also I like my devices to be customisable and more computer-like. For example, I want to be able to change my theme, remove my battery, browse my microSD card just like a removable disk, edit the documents on there and then email them. I like to be able to just type up a quick document on the move and set reminders for myself throughout the day and I'm not even a corporate user of a BlackBerry, in fact I've never owned one before. I've just noticed the things I want from a mobile device seem to be covered by the BlackBerry and covered pretty well at that.

The iPhone does many of these things but is more flashy, fancy and less open ended. It seems more for the fashion happy consumer who wants to "move with the times" than the genuine technology enthusiast (that actually uses the device than simply marvelling at the touch and swipe capabilities). Its the difference between purchasing a Mac and a PC to me, I don't want to copy my entire iTunes library (if I had one) to my phone to listen to a few songs. I want to be able to move a song across, then maybe bluetooth it to a laptop and/or receive another file and just add it to my list of songs as I go along, at ease. These things aren't possible on the iPhone, its just much too closed a device for me.
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