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I've had the Curve for a while and just sold it on eBay planning to get a Bold. With all the delay for Bold I got a iPhone. Nothing touches a BB for email . But anything else, the iPhone beats it up. If you have no use for web browsing don't bother with the iPhone get the Bold. If email is #1 get the Bold. If you want lots of apps (lots of junk right now) but you can be sure over the next 3-6 months it will get better. iPhone will be like the PC as it will have 90% of all apps written for it because that is where the market is. Almost 2 million phones sold in 2 weeks. Think about that for 1 single device (not even counting the original iPhone). Where will all the software developers go? BB, no, that is MOSTLY a buiness device, iphone .. that is an appliance and more "kiddes" will have one of those then any other phone. That is where all the 3rd party software development will go. For those who don't want that sort of stuff .... that's another story.

I have absolutely no problem with battery life. After a full day of Wi-Fi, 3G & GPS I still have well over 25% battery. When I get home it goes in the cradle and I'm set for the next day.
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