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Originally Posted by Alex Alexzander View Post
I think the iPhone email experience is by far better....You don't have your PCs and Macs using a NOC to send email.
Somebody get this guy a message flow chart. I guess I could draw one up for you using pretty colors with sparkles and ribbons...

Originally Posted by Alex Alexzander View Post
As for security, I don't buy that the BB is so much better. The reality is simple. The iPhone works much the same way your corporate PC does in terms of email. The iPhone does not lower the overall security of your company. That's just grasping at straws in my opinion.
Also, try reading this :

If one does not feel so inclined to do so, I'll give the points of interest:
S/MIME, PGP, AES, 3DES, Smart Cards, IT Policies (400+), SRP authentications and (my favourite) memory scrubbing!
Now I'm no rocket surgeon but i *think* those might say a few things about security? I could throw out a dozen or so more links but whats the point.

Ignorance really gets me...why post on a BlackBerry enthusiast forum and make claims, regardless of opinion, without at least knowing what you're talking about?
Are you on a BES?
Whats that?
Ok, you're not...
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