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Default further syncing issues

Perhaps I should clarify my question that I posed earlier and someone can help me.
Prior to having a BBerry I had a palm pilot. I used to mainly sync at work but I would also sync at home, and it made my life a lot easier.
Essentially, the computer/palm pilot would know which one of them was updated last and would incorporate the more recent updated information on the device (commputer or palm) that was not updated.

Now I thought that the bberry would work in the same fashion, however, when i try to sync at home it just does real screwy things. some things that I have worked on do not transfer on my home computer, and things that were on my home computer that were there prior to more recent syncs return to my bberry - these are items i physically deleted from my bberry since my last sync with my computer at home -really strange.
both computers use windows xp professional, both use desktop software 4.00.3.
The only thing unique about my bberry, which should not have any effect on the syncing is that i don't use it at all for email, rather for a phone and calendar.

please advise if anyone has any ideas? is there something in the way i could have setup my desktop software on both computers that could be diferent that i am not noticing that could be screwing around with the syncing?

Thanks a lot