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Originally Posted by DomBB View Post
Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. But is the quality of the picture reflective of the picture size?
Technically no. The camera performs the same regardless of resolution. The sensor's light sensitivity and ability to image are not affected by the image size -- nor are the optics affected.

Quality and resolution, despite what MP-fixated digital camera shoppers tend to believe, are really two different things. I have a video camera (720x480 or 0.3MP) that can resolve better quality (but not resolution) images than the 2MP camera on the Curve.

You want higher resolution in cases where you'll crop/enlarge/print/whatever. However, for MMS and other uses a smaller resolution (and therefore small image file size) is desirable. You have to pick based on what you're trying to achieve. There isn't one single setting that is best for all situations and desired outcomes.

Originally Posted by DomBB View Post
I took a picture of a car last weekend as a 'Large' picture. It was 662KB. Today, I took a picture of another car, but this time as a 'Small' picture. This one was 112KB. The car that was 662KB looks like better quality than the car that was 112KB. Is this how it should be? And when I browse through my pictures and click each one, Small (640x480) pictures seem to look like the same size as Large (1600x1200) pictures.
If you really want to compare then take a small picture and immediately take a large picture -- with the same subject, lighting conditions etc. Copy both to your PC. Resize the large picture to the same size as the small one and compare. That takes resolution out of the equation.

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