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Originally Posted by minipulator View Post
Primary: EVDO, Good SSH Client, QWERTY
I highly recommend MobileSSH -- well worth the $99 -- if you use it for work purposes.

With MobileSSH, you can even view 80x24 full screen (using super tiny fonts) or 80x24 pannable. The width and height is configurable. I think midpssh does provide this functionality too, but I still like MobileSSH's implementation much better. I actually worked with the developer of MobileSSH to make it fully compatible with Linux escape control codes (ANSI, VT102, etc) from my former BBS day knowledge, as I wrote splitscreen sysop chat software that used such codes. I wrote a test suite script for the MobileSSH developer to test very common codes...

Tip: If you use VI over MobileSSH, disable scrolling and disable local input. That will allow the trackball to behave as a 4-direction cursor pad. Be warned there will be a significant lag over EDGE networks (Remember EDGE has 500ms ping), with a much smaller lag over 3G networks or WiFi networks.

There is a local input buffer available, so you can see your keypresses immediately when typing and still watch your session, and hitting Enter transmits the contents of the local input buffer. It's like a splitscreen between the session and your typing. Early versions of midpssh did not have this feature. (Not sure if the latest versions do now.)
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