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Default WIFI, why do we allow ourselves to get ripped off?

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recently I've been looking into getting a new phone because ive been using the one i have for about 3 years(nokia 3220)-- its obsolete in every way except for one(it beats every other phone in this aspect), its paperweight feature.

I'm pretty savvy with computers and know the technology that is out today. The main thing i was looking for in a new phone was wifi access and a qwerty board. In comes the blackberry curve that has wifi on it.

I'm with tmobile and after some research i find out that in order to connect to a wifi network i need to buy the tmobile hotspots plan. If I'm at home, and i want to connect to my own wireless network, i need to pay monthly to do so($20). (This is information I received at the Tmobile store and by calling Tmobile customer service)

tmobile blocks the capability because they want you to pay for it, the phone receives the signal, tmobile doesnt put it on specially when you buy the plan, they are doing extra work to block you from being able to use free wireless signals(hotspots).

Take for instance the ipod touch, you pay 300 bucks for it and it picks up wifi hotspots and you can browse the internet on it, no monthly fee. Imagine apple decided to make you pay to use the wifi on that ipod touch...thats whats going on here.

so why are people over-paying for this "service" with a smile on their face when it is a feature that is on the phone and not something provided by the cell company.

thoughts? concerns? way to hack the blackberry's wifi?

in reality, the wifi feature is something that is on YOUR phone so you should legally be allowed to hack it to use the wifi(however, you'd lose your warranty).

EDIT: please let me know if any information i have is wrong

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