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Originally Posted by neftv View Post
I wanted to ask a question differently.
I am on AT&T. Does blackberry personal plan require it be behind a Nat firewall (proxy) via WAP on a Blackberry 8310? I was wondering because I would rather have a direct connection to the internet via ISP.
Calling AT&T is no help. I get the scripted answer you have a Blackberry you must have the BBpersonal plan and WAP comes with it. They don't answer the question.
Again, I want to keep my BBpersonal plan but I don't want to be behind a proxy nat firewall called WAP. I believe the other way is ISP. Can it be done and how?
This is all confusing terminology mess -- I think you got things mixed up.

The only case where this does not apply is BlackBerry plans where generic data is restricted (i.e. blocking Opera Mini, Google Maps, Jivetalk chat, etc), often the cheap $10 or $15 BlackBerry email-only plans that some carriers sells.

Most normal BlackBerry plans are supersets of generic data plans. BlackBerry plans include two ISP's in one essentially -- both the (often proxied) and (not proxied). You can use both BlackBerry Browser (using and Opera Mini Browser (using generic APN). Two APN's are included -- both the blackberry APN and the generic data APN -- so you get two ISP's in one when you get a BlackBerry plan.

Modern BlackBerry plans are not more limiting, they just simply include access to the BlackBerry network IN ADDITION to regular data. Even though there may be certain limits on the BlackBerry network, you still ALSO have access to generic data too.

That's why people have been successfully using SIM cards with BlackBerry plans, in iPhones, TyTN's, TREO's, Aircards, and other devices. A modern BlackBerry plan is simply a superset of a generic data plan. Such BlackBerry plans with 100% unrestricted range from $20 to $50 in the United States, or the new Rogers 6gigabyte/$30 plan in Canada, etc.
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