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Wirelessly posted (Sex Machine)

Verizon is THE most perfectly evil company. They treat their customers like criminals. I'm not sure about BB's, but you can't use your own MP3s and use them as ringtones unless you go through some horrendous hoops, you can't use non-Verizon approved software (GPS, etc...), and their EULA is draconian.
But they have done such an amazing job with their marketing that everyone (statistically speaking) believes that they have THE best network. For 90% of the people using VZW, they are doing a great job. Because that 90% doesn't know what they're missing, primarily because they just aren't informed enough.

Bah! I have two types of clients: tech savvy and tech retarded. For the savvy set I always tell them to skip VZW if at all possible and for the other set I tell then to go with whomever has the (actual not perceived) best coverage.


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