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Originally Posted by blackberryinept View Post
i will just say an unhappy with me, unnamed person has done something to my phone that i need to undo. i've been told that it was an application that has been installed on my phone somehow and i need to get rid of it.

somehow, evertime i contact one phone number through my phone, via call or text, it sends an allert to this unnamed persons phone regarding the contact. i called my service provider and they don't know anything about it. does anyone here know how i can remove this and stop the insanity?

thanks for the help in advance.
I've never heard of any application that does this. I think someone is pulling your leg.

Tell the person you followed instructions on this forum to complete wipe the OS using JL_CMDER ( JL commander) and reloaded it. So whatever offensive *thing* they put on it is now gone.

And then set a password on your device so they cannot gain access to it again. And do a backup so if they do try to access and wipe all the data, you can restore it.

Then tell them to go away.
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