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Default Call Forward and ID issue - Please Help!

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I have been dealing with this strange issue for over a year - since I got my phone. I'm hoping there will be some real experts on here that can help me - this issue has gone well over the head of level 1 and level 2 blackberry tech support at T-Mobile, and even a RIM technical representative who happened to be at their facility one time when I called.

I forward calls from my work-issued Nextel to my personal phone when I'm at home - my personal phone is my Blackberry Pearl 8100.

When someone calls the Nextel, it will forward to my personal phone but the caller ID shows up "Private Number".

There have been random instances during the last year when the caller ID started working for a day or two - these instances have been completely random and without any consistency.

I have tried having my nextel forward calls to my friend's Pearl 8100, which is identical to mine and has the same software versions. His phone shows the caller ID of the forwarded call just fine.

I went through literally every setting on my phone and my firend's phone - ensuring that they match. Yes, this was a very long and tedious process.

I tried putting the SIM card from my phone in his phone, and vice versa. The Caller ID showed up fine on his phone still (with my SIM), but still failed to show up on mine (with his SIM). This obviously seems to indicate the phone is the problem.

I tried changing my SIM card (just to be safe), wiping the handheld completely, and resetting all settings - with no success.

I tried forwarding calls from my wife's t-mobile RAZR to my phone to ensure it wasn't something about Nextel, and the same issue continued.

I finally got T-mobile to replace my phone. So I now I have a new SIM card, a new phone, and newly updated software. Here's the kicker - the call forwarding still shows Private Number when it comes up on my BRAND NEW PEARL 8100. It still shows up fine on other Blackberry Pearls.

I am completely lost on this one - if replacing the phone completely didn't fix it, what could be the issue (unless I got another defective phone, which would be a really weird coincidence).

Somebody please help!
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