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Post Heading the same way!

Originally Posted by dmacd View Post
After using a Blackberry for a year I have almost become sync free! The one thing that I have found with all PDA's is that syncing can be a nightmare.
I can really relate, but I've come to a similar conclusion via a different route. I'm a Linux user who has been able to sync two different Palm devices over the years with J-Pilot on the Linux desktop. Way back in the day, I happily synced a Newton with Windows until the Newton OS ROM was upgraded but the Newton software for Windows wasn't. Just got a Curve this weekend and have spent the last week seriously investigating and trying various sync options. After various failures to sync my old Palm with both the KDE PIM and with Thunderbird using two different versions of OpenSync on two different Linux distros, looking at immature alternatives like BlueZync and the still developing Barry, I decided that syncing directly to the desktop was for the birds and Windows users.

Syncing Blackberry to various web services (the cloud as you put it) and syncing those in turn to Thunderbird seems much more doable.

Originally Posted by dmacd View Post
Tasks: BBRTM - Blackberry Remember The Milk.
Memo: IdeaMatrix to handle memos. I no longer use BB Memos
Calendar: Google Calendar Sync. It sync to the BB calendar.
I had already made my choices when I stumbled upon your post, so I had to chime in with my thoughts. Taking your format, my choices are as follows:
Tasks: BBRTM and Remember The Milk Provider for Thunderbird
Calendar: Google Calendar Sync and GcalDaemon to sync with Thunderbird
Contacts: GMail Mobile (check out the Contacts Manager) and GcalDaemon to sync with Thunderbird.

Whereas you didn't have a solution for Contacts, I hadn't yet come up with a solution for Memos. I have a lot of memos on the Palm and more notes in a TiddlyWiki that I'd like to consolidate in one place and sync. I'll have to check out IdeaMatrix.

I haven't implemented any of this yet. I just found out that one of my stumbling blocks was due to a bad Thunderbird build and have downloaded the official Mozilla binaries which works properly with Lightning 0.8.

Wish me luck!
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