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Default Yesh, I have seen this behavior...

Originally Posted by mat123 View Post
So I decided to upgrade my 8830's OS to

On my corporate laptop, I downloaded Desktop Manager 4.3 and then performed the upgrade (obtaining all files from Verizon). Everything went smoothly. After the installs I could connect my 8830 to the DM 4.3 on my laptop.

When I got home, I decided to upgrade my Desktop Manager to 4.3 as well (obtaining files from Verizon). Completed the upgrade and then hooked my 8830 up via USB. Nothing happened aside from the charging indicator on the phone. I disconnected and reconnected a few times, still nothing.

I then grabbed the Blackberry data cable and used that instead of the "standard" USB cable I was using. Same results.

I then read that DM 4.3 is "buggy" and decided to install DM 4.2.2 instead (files from RIM, not Verizon). I completely uninstalled DM 4.3, and then did a fresh install of DM 4.2.2. Rebooted and connected my 8830 using the RIM data cable and still no connection.

My laptop continues to connect normally using DM 4.3.

On my home PC, Windows XP Device Manager states the following:

I thought the DM software loaded all applicable drivers? Are there separate drivers I need to load? If so, where can I find them?


EDIT - Found Solution!
Quite easy actually -- all I had to do was go into "Troubleshoot" and then "Update Driver". I let Windows "look" for the driver and it copied it and now it works!! Sorry for the trouble!

Yes, I have seen this. Funny how sometimes XP does not see the loaded drivers....
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