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Originally Posted by Jeff Koncius View Post
OK, this is driving me crazy and having me waste a lot of time. First, let me say that UMA works fine outside of my house. However, at home I have Verizon FIOS with an Actiontec MI424-WR router and people I call from home while on UMA can hear me talking but I cannot hear them. I first spent almost 2 hours on the phone with TMo and got nowhere other than their changing the channel on my router. I then spent about 30 minutes with a helpful FIOS tech who went through many steps with me all to no avail. I then called back TMo and they suggested that I get their Linksys H@H router and bridge it to the Actiontec. Did that--I got the Linksys WRT54G-TM H@H router, bridged it onto my Actiontec and no change--still one way audio. I then spent about 2.5 hours on the phone last Saturday with upper level H@H support who then got an upper level person at Actiontec on the line. After fooling with various settings, the end result was no solution. The TMo guy was intent on having the Linksys act as the router but we could not do that because I have FIOS over coax. Further, the Actiontec guy--in response to the TMo guy asking how to get the Actiontec to just pass through the FIOS data without filtering it (if that makes any sense)--said that Verizon disables a setting which would allow complete pass through of the FIOS signal to the Linksys router which further prevented my being able to use the service. The TMo guy also mentioned that he has been able to do that type of work around in TX but for whatever reason, the CA Actiontec router cannot be adjusted that way. So, the TMo guy said that the bottom line solution is for my coax to be replaced with ethernet and then to get rid of the Actiontec altogether. Can this be correct? There must be a setting somewhere that is preventing me from hearing people at home--especially since UMA works fine outside of my house proving to me that it is a router set up issue, no? AHHHH!
I have Fios with an Actiontec router and mine works fine. I can get calls over the Actiontec wifi, but it is not really a reliable connection qualitywise so I have a Linksys attached.

There are settings in the Actiontec to prioritize the wifi, but the Linksys can also be prioritized. When I get a chance I'll see what I've got on my router. It actually didn't take more than one or two check boxes to get it to work ok. One annoying thing is I've prioritized my Paket8 VOIP box and my Curve so regular internet browsing is impacted. Links sometimes take 2 or 3 attempts to start loading. Downloading files also sometimes takes a few tries.

There is some way to port forward which I believe routes the connection straight through. But I don't understand how to get that done. I think the ports for Tmobile UMA are actuall a range which is why I've never been able to understand it. The help file at Actiontec walks through setting up a specific address.
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