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Angry Why does BlackBerry have so many USB "issues"?

This is my opinion, so it probably doesn't apply to most people.

I hate my BlackBerry.

I use Linux. BlackBerry doesn't even try to support Linux. Neither do Palm or Apple. I had a Palm Treo before I got my BlackBerry. At least the Palm was open enough that Linux application developers wrote tools that worked very nicely with the Palm.

I want to update my BlackBerry's firmware because I have issues with memory leaks where my http connections fail after a certain amount of usage. I also have issues with dropped phone calls. But since I run Linux, I am out of luck. There are some tools like barry under Linux to sync the BlackBerry, but they don't allow me to update its firmware. I need to use a tool called bcharge just to connect my BlackBerry to Linux because the BlackBerry does some strange stuff with USB. I tried to run a Windows XP client under VirtualBox, but although Windows could see the BlackBerry, the BlackBerry software on Windows won't see my device. I then thought I could buy a micro sd card and back up my data to the card, reset the BlackBerry to factory defaults, and take it into Verizon so they can update the firmware, but now I find that there is no way of backing up my BlackBerry to an sd card.

With my Palm Treo, I could easily sync it under Linux without any USB problems or flakiness. I think I may have even been able to update its firmware under Linux, but I don't recall that for certain. I could back up my data to a memory card. I could update my Palm's firmware from a Windows client running in VMWare or Virtualbox. I think I may have been able to even update my Palm's firmware from the sd card itself.

Granted that Palm has been around a little bit longer than RIM, but RIM has been around for several years too. But RIM doesn't seem to do basic things well. I also find the BlackBerry GUI to be less sharp than the Palm's. The BB GUI reminds me of an Atari ST or Amiga computer from the late 80's. The options menu is just a long list of text words. Not very exciting. Not at all like a 21st century design. The trackball on my BB gets dirty. I miss my Palm's touchscreen.

I regret that I ever bought my BlackBerry. I wish I had an iPhone, but I would at least have the same problems of no native support for Linux. I almost long to have my aging Palm Treo back again. There has to be something better than all of this. Android?
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