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Coming from a 650 to a curve 8320. having been ont he curve now for about 3months and now know it pretty much inside out. assuming treo have done some changes that improove it from the 650 to 800, I can't comprehend the curve is better. I really regret not getting another treo, the blackberry is slow, the software is very limited in every aspect, im forever having to "pull the battery" (once a week) so that it regains at least some of its speed and things which have stopped working for no reason start again. it can't even play full screen video at any quality, a movie my curve FAILS to play at normal rate (25fps) my treo benchmarks at over 60fps :(

Anytime you want to do anything that you would expect to be able to do on a phone like this you "need to buy a cheap little program"... grrr.. push email is cool, but you can buy push software for the treo anyway iirc if you need it.

It is a good phone though.. I don't slate it for what it is, it does what it does very well. the coments above about user friendlyness etc are accurate. but sadly a lot of that comes from the fact the phone is just so basic. You just can't get any software for it either hardly. I used to have lots of things on my treo i miss, simple things like my guitar tuner, nothing is avaliable for the BB, and what is avaliable you need to expect to pay $11 for every little dumb program that should be free, ie the one above to make it vibrate and ring at the same time.. i mean come on RIM its common sense to have it do both at the same time, i shouldnt need to be paying money to get it to do that :(

Rant over.. ahh well, i am sticking with my curve as i cannot afford another treo now, i will be happy enough with it now i have got acustomed to the let down. at least its a tidy little phone.. and i hate typing on it too i should mention, not sure who said above its easier than a treo but the stupid little flat buttons on the curve make it SO easy to hit more than one i still find i watch the keyboard now rather than the screen to see what im typing, as i just keep missing the buttons if i watch the screen, means terrible spelling lol. i used to love the way the treo made it near impossble to hit more than one key evne though they were so small, just that slight dome on the buttons made all the difference meaning you could watch the screen and what you're typing not the keys.

*and breath* lol
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