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Originally Posted by gfunk11 View Post
Yes, it seems that the Curve has better stability as opposed to the BOLD. The Curve has been in the market for quite some time now and it is much more stable from the BOLD.

But hang on, given the capabilities of the BOLD and the features in abundance with it, I beg to differ. 3G HSDPA, Great Screen, layout is fantastic, ability to sync with 10+ mails, messengers, social websites, etc.etc. Whatever it may be, there's surely something that swayed everyone here to take the plunge with the BOLD. I'm grateful for the fact that there are NO HARDWARE defects so far with my BOLD (touch wood). So long as it's the so called 'memory leak' case, battery life case, etc. is all tolerable. I'm sure, the peeps down there in RIM are working rigorously to fix the probs. Once they get that right... well, let's put it... we can be BOLD.... ehehehe...

I've had my share of ups and downs with SmartPhones, PDA's, Regular Cell Phones, and SURELY.... NONE COME CLOSE TO THE BOLD!!! HTC DIamond, TyTnII, O2's, Samsung, SE, all have their own share of probs. The HTS even cost upwards of RM3.3k above!!! FOR WHAT??? A touch-flow and sub par performance? Touch screen? We all know, touch screen's are a hit and miss when it comes to devices on Windows Mobile. I've had HTC, Dopod, O2, ASUS, SE and the list goes on... but once my company gave me the 8310 Curve, well... as the saying goes, once you go Berry... you won't turn back... :D Just head on down to Windows Mobile, or individual manufacturers forums, and you'll see, the BOLD's list of suspect problems are somewhat minuscule to what they encounter.

All i'm trying to point out here is something rather simple. Instead of getting frustrated and annoyed or even outright pissed-off with the BOLD, learn to LOVE it, be patient with it, look at all the features and rest assured, there's NO other smartphone out there like it. Be positive and you'll get the most out of your BOLD experience. Where else could you get a Smartphone with the features it has and for just RM2,199 or cheaper from Celcom??? All I can say is.... I LOVE MY BOLD... worth every penny I spent!!!

With that, SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all Muslim readers and forummers. To all my other brothers, Chinese, Indian, and everyone else in Malaysia and around the world... HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Well said!

The Bold is head over heels better then anything else out there as a total package... It's a tool.. some other hot phones are toys. Therein lies the difference
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