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Originally Posted by test54 View Post
Dallas, your opinions are getting dated. 2.1 vastly improved the 3G's reception and with the 2G model I've never had a problem nor have coworkers who us it all the time. reception is no longer an issue with iphones. Your comparison about apple makes computers well but not phones is old news as they have sold big numbers and the quality is very good and customer satisfaction is higher than RIM.
Yep, I predicted you'd show up to dispute my post. No, test, my opinions are quite timely. I just had it happen again just over a week ago, with a business associate with the new 3G model.

I don't dispute they've sold big numbers (less than RIM, but big numbers) and I don't dispute that the build quality is very good. I also don't dispute that you've had fine reception, so I'd appreciate it if you don't dispute MY experiences, just because they disagree with yours. Please don't claim that if YOU haven't had reception issues, that they simply don't exist, or that my opinions are "getting dated." Many STILL have reception problems with both the 2G and 3G models, likely in marginal reception areas, but areas where other phones simply work. There are stories all over the web, you'd have to put a blindfold on not to see them.
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