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RIM is trading at 10-15 times 2010 earnings. A few weeks ago, these same analysts thought that 30-35x was an appropriate figure. My, how times change.
Brilliant. And I thought it was the market crashing that was dropping trades down so low.

But, sadly, that doesnxxx8217;t mean that it will be able to resist an opportunistic takeover offer from the likes of Microsoft (MSFT) et al.
MSFT? More like SMFH.

The best positioned to do a deal is certainly Microsoft.
Yes, because they are known for stable, secure devices.

The iPaq was almost as xxx8220;usefulxxx8221; as the Palm, and with no cell phone offering
Mine is still least I'm sure it would be if I could find it.

Jim and Mike are adding more than 1 million additional subscribers each and every month.
Well, if there was ever a reason for a company to fear a buyout.....

Nokia (NOK) is an oft rumoured bidder for RIM, but with a relatively modest market cap, a weak EPS multiple, and only $8 billion in cash, it couldnxxx8217;t get close to offering something of interest to shell-shocked RIM shareholders.

IBM has resources, of course, but the lack of interest in consumer products must ensure they sit on the sidelines of any RIM M&A party.
They are much too busy tanking the hosting of my company's SAP implementation.

Round and round the horn one may go on this issue, but you alwayscome back to mighty Microsoft.
Yes, that's because I just had to reboot my PC again.

To think that we investors thought RIM was xxx8220;cheapxxx8221; at $115/share just a few weeks ago.
It was. Now it's cheaper. Like EVERY OTHER stock right now. Get a clue.

Disclosure: I own RIM.
If you mean the stock, it's RIMM. Get it right.
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