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I will be paying attention to threads like this.

My gf has an EEE 701 which has Xandros installed. She also has an 8120.

I had intended to wipe it and install Ubuntu or Debian, but she really needed to have it on her and it was working fine most of the time so I left well enough alone, and I was waiting for the end of October release of the next Ubuntu version (I didn't like the current HH one).

Last night we ordered a new computer for her, the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. It will ship with Windows. I am going to wipe it, and install Linux and put Windows in a VM most likely. It will very likely be Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex that gets installed.

Currently she does not sync at all with anything.

So my 2 cents on this is, is be platform agnostic. I think it is AWESOME that PocketMac is doing this. I also recommend to PocketMac not to create something that is 'locked into' a specific distro. A distro is just a collection of software packages and a kernel. Therefore, all of them are the same. The only thing PocketMac needs to worry about is what packaging system they wish to be compatible with and which libraries.

Xandros usually uses the deb packaging format same as Debian/Ubuntu. So right there all they have to do is make sure their deb will also be compatible with other deb-type distros besides Xandros.

So really, the last question becomes is what software libraries to support. It doesn't really matter IMHO whether or not it's a KDE or Gnome library as anyone can install library support files, but what does matter is program lock-in. Not everyone might want to run a KDE-specific PIM.. have a bit more flexibility in that regards..

Otherwise great job PocketMac!
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