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Originally Posted by Meriah253 View Post
yep. in a toilet. luckily it was a clean one. lol I took the battery out and disassembled it and blew on it like hell and got all water possible out so that when i shook it or blew in it no water was seen what-so-ever. put it in a box of rice for about 8 hours. took it out. popped the battery back in and the light at the top right will flash but that's it. and i took the battery right back out again. My life is in that phone. all my family and friends are long distance and its my only means of communication besides the internet. i am also moving in a week hence why i cant afford to get a new one or pay the cell phone insurance deductible. any other ideas as to how to do a quick fix? condensed air, in top of a dryer while its running, next to a house fan, ANYTHING?!? ughghdjfkos HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
As you have found out, just because you don't see any water coming out of the phone, does not mean it didn't get into the phone.

LET THE PHONE FREAKEN DRY, for at least 5 days
not 1 day, not a few hours -- FIVE, 1234*5*, 5 FIVE, or yeah did I say 5?

Can't wait, then take it apart like you have done
and get air moving over, around and through it for at least 2 days
Not 8 hours, not a few mins, 2 days.

And for me taking it apart is... case off the phone, side rails off the phone
keypad out of the phone so it can dry out under the keypad and the membrane under it. Also get the LCD screen up off the circuit board. Pull the LCD connector off of the circuit board and use compressed air in the connector to blow any water out of it.

DO NOT put the battery back into the phone unless either: the 2 days of fan moving air around it is up, or the 5 days in a bag of rice (with the phone taken apart as well) is up. Once it's put down to dry, do not touch it, do not look at it, do not smell it, do not think about it.

The biggest mistake people make is popping that battery back into the phone "JUST TO SEE IF IT WILL WORK"

Still can't wait? Ok pay the bucks and take it to a Laptop/PDA repair service.
The Yellow Pages will be your best friend to find one local to you.

If the phone is important to you, make sure you have the SIM card out of the phone as well. Borrow a phone and pop it in and you can use that until it's dried out.

If you do not allow the phone to get dried completely, you run the risk of losing this phone and all the info in it, because you are in a hurry.
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