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You won't find a bigger Macintosh fanboi than me, but I won't use the iPhone. My wife has one and loves it, but I can't stand the virtual keyboard. MAYBE it would be useable to me if Apple let it function in landscape mode, but as it is I find it horrendous. That's Deal Breaker #1. If I can't type on it comfortably then it's of no use to me.

Deal Breaker #2: No copy/paste. I use this all the time. I can copy an entire paragraph from email and paste it into a note with my Blackberry. I can also copy and paste from one email into a new email. I do this a lot as well. How can a smart phone NOT have this in 2008?

Deal Breaker #3: No MMS messages. Hey, if everyone you know has email on their phone then this is a non-issue. But I have over 300 entries in my address book and only about 1/2 of them have smart phones with email. The iPhone will only send a picture as email. And it won't receive pictures unless they're in email messages. Again, in 2008, how is there no MMS in a smart phone?
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