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Originally Posted by sickned View Post
I was very, very sick trying to make work the ksoap2's libraries at a BlackBerry app and now I get it, Im gonna make a tutorial for all the people at the forum that have the same problem I had.

Ive used Eclipse and the Blackberry JDE plugin.

First of all, download the ksoap2 library preverified. I've uploaded it in this post.

Then, follow the steps:

- Create a Blackberry library project in your workspace, Ksoap2.
- Create a folder called "lib" at this new library project.
- Copy the ksoap2 preverified to this post. Right click at Eclipse and select "Add to build path".

Now, into your project, in which you wanna use ksoap, do the next:
- Right click on the project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Add Jars... select Ksoap2.jar. ->Ok
- Right click on the project -> Properties -> BlackBerry Project Dependencies -> Select "Ksoap2".

Sometimes when you add a new library or change something in the build path, you must repeat the last step, because this checkbox get unchecked.

Now, you're ready to write your code.

I've uploaded a simple code sample calling a web service.

I hope this could be useful.
Great Example, just what I needed and I think many people need right now!

Thanks for your contribution
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