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Originally Posted by enohpi View Post
since the release of the iPhone 3g Apple sold 6.9 million
Originally Posted by test54 View Post
"2.4 million iPhone 3G activations in the quarter, 40% of which were new AT&T subscribers". So AT&T is happy as well.
Originally Posted by test54 View Post
I have never seen any number of apple units in service. RIM is the only one that has numbers on that and thats because they route everything through the central data center. Even then their are units out there in use without a data plan so thats not 100% correct.
Apple and others have no way to track the numbers of devices in service. It would be nice to know but its not going to happen.
6.9 million "sold" and 2.4 million activated. That's pretty illuminating in and of itself, wouldn't you say? I'm actually surprised they get away with that. I used to work in the semiconductor industry, and they used to regularly "stuff the channel" like that in order to inflate sales figures. A number of years ago, that was outlawed according to GAAP accounting, and is considered fraudulent if it happens today. How Apple gets away with it, I don't know.

I'll guarantee you that Apple disagrees with you that it would be "nice to know" the numbers of devices actually in service. That would destroy the whole illusion!
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