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Originally Posted by HeadOffice
I'm always interested in hosted BES (I like the synched calendars/contacts). However, I have the following questions

1. I have my own POP3 server so I suspect I would need your Exchange server to poll that POP server and gather my email - correct?

2. As I have my own domain emails I send will need to be 'from' my own domain not yours - can be done?

3. If I want the full featured Outlook at home on my machine you supply that?

4. My standalone Outlook .pst file is about 500MB. Can I keep a local replica of all my emails/contacts/calendar entries so I don't have to pay surcharges for my information?

Look forward to hearing from someone...
A1 - in order to use Hosted BES, you will have to have your mail on our server. You have a few options. The easiest method is to simply stop using your pop server, and make an MX record change, so your mail goes straight to our servers.

Option 2 - Just put a forward on your e-mail address to forward your mail to our servers.

Once you have established a domain and e-mail address on our servers, you can also use Outlook 2003 to poll any and all POP3 accounts, and pull them down to our server.

A2 - Yes, all mail when it is sent from our servers will look like it came from your domain. Nobody will know the difference. It will display and show exactly as it does now..

A3 - Yes, all paying customers get a free copy of Outlook 2003 to use with our service.

A4 - Also Yes, you can accomplish this in 2 ways -
1 - nce the new Outlook profile is created, you can export from your old profile ( all old mail ) into a personal folder on the new profile. Personal folders are kept locally on your machine, and so they are not counted towards the quota on our servers.

2 - You can archive. The archives are still stored on our server, but they are not counted twards your quota. All mail is still easily accessable.

I hope this answers your questions -
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