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Thumbs down Failed to get unlock code from T-Mo... She hung up on me!

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Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller...

I called up T-Mobile today about 10 minutes ago in an attempt to get my unlock code from them. I started out by saying "I would like to get my unlock code for my BlackBerry 8100"

She then asked "For what reason do you want to unlock your phone?"

"Because I am traveling abroad with it and will be using another carrier temporarily" (I lied, lawl)

"Okay, just provide me with you UPEK code (she pronounced it Yoo-Peck) and I will happily get your unlock code for you."

I said "UPEK? I don't believe such a think exists, ma'am..." (Still being very polite at this time)

She said "Can I just have your 10 digit phone number?"

"Certainly," I said, "It's ### ### ####"

"Okay sir, I just need your 'U' 'P' 'E' 'K' code."

I replied "Do you mean IMEI code? That should be all you need. I have never heard of a UPEK before." (Getting a little annoyed at this point)

"Sir, I need your last name and last 4 digits of your SSN"

"I can provide the last name, but I don't have the SSN for you, sorry" (I'm not officially the account holder. I have no credit yet, so I used a friend)

"Okay, thanks Patrick, now I'll need your I... erm (she coughed loudly into the mic... sick) UPEK code if you'll provide it" (What? Who's Patrick? My name is Alex.... I told you that... and UPEK....)

"Ma'am, what in bloody hell is a UPEK? Where can I find a damn UPEK to satisfy you?!?"

"Sir, you do not currently meet the requirements for an unlock." (Mutters some thing that was inaudible, then I heard a click which was the sound of her hanging up on me)

Now, I have been a customer for 11 months starting tomorrow. I've paid the bill two months in advance every other month on time. I'm certainly in good standing. I thought the woman was very odd and just didn't know anything about what I was asking. I'll try again tomorrow, but man that has me really ticked off.

What was your experience when calling T-mo to ask for an unlock code, and how long did it take? Ever hear of a UPEK??

Also, do any of you know if I can get the account transferred to my name now that I have been paying the bills and can provide easy proof of that since I've been using my bank account to pay it off?
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