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The color makes your post hard to eyes and I would appreciate it if you just posted normally.

Quoting you so I can have it in B&W...

Originally Posted by a80baby-no color
Has anyone else out there upgraded there os to 4.5 with the verizon release 10-31-08 or any release for that matter and now gets the Where I am gps option but it doesnt work? It stays on Seachering for Satilites forever? i called VW adn they told me it was an issue with BB and they are working to fix this?

First of all they told me i should have always had that option even before the upgrade, meanwhile neither my curve or husbands had the find me function.... but either way nows its there and it doesnt work, i wanted to know if anyone out there knew how to fix this cause VW tech support is basically useless.... and yes i have the gps internal turned on.... thanks in advance.
Two things to clarify...

- What GPS application are you trying to use? Where is this "Find Me" option that doesn't work? In VZNav, or Google Maps, or ? I looked in VZ Nav and don't see anything called "Find me." Can you describe the steps that you are following?

- From your comment at the end of your message, it sounds like you have subscribed to VZNav on both Blackberries, and are paying the extra $10 a month to enable the internal GPS. That's correct, right?
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