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Default BES Migration Plan... Feedback appreciated!

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Hey guys, we plan on migrating our BES this week. Below is a brief migration strategy that I have come up with after looking through these forums. Any feedback would be appreciated. thx!

We are currently running BES 3.6 sp2 on a dedicated server, and a SQL database on a separate server. We are looking to migrate to 4.0 on a brand new server (newbes1), and put the database on a new dedicated SQL server (newsql1) as well.

In order to migrate to a new server without having users regenerate a new encryption key (which would require re-synching/cradling), we will need to maintain the following information from the old server:

Besadmin Account and Mailbox
Server Instance Name
SRP Identifier
SRP Authentication Key

To migrate the database, we will create a new BESMgmt DB on newsql1 and direct the new BES install to use that database. Then we will import the data from the old DB to the new DB.

<Any suggestions on what utilities or preparations I would need for this?>

Prior to installing BES on the new server all BES services on oldbes1 will be stopped. This is necessary since we are going to be using the same SRP Identifier and Authentication Key. If two servers with conflicting SRPís are online at the same time, these servers will become inactive and our wireless carrier will need to be called.

In case of an emergency, we will be able to rollback by disabling the new server, and re-enabling the services on the old BES (Patriots). The old database will not be modified, and our current BES infrastructure will still be in tact.

The actual installation will be as follows:

- Backup DB on oldsql1
- On newsql1 create a BESMgmt db.
- Restore DB to newsql1
- On newbes1, install BES 3.6, direct it to newsql1.
- Install BES 3.6 sp3 on newbes1
- On newbes1, install/upgrade BES 4.0.
- Install 4.0 service pack.

What do you guys think?