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Originally Posted by Thom View Post
The reviews have been helpful in answering some remaining questions that I have had. The first review I checked out was the one from PC World. I read the review and also watched the video. I stopped reading PC World some time ago and this review confirms that decision. I guess with any media source there will always be some bias to one product or another. I honestly think the woman in the video just didn't have a real clue as to what was going on and kept referring to how much she loved the iPhone. I understand that the Storm is thought to be iPhone killer. I certainly don't think it is or will be. The one thing the Storm will do and do well like any other BB is integrate with e-mail and messaging platforms. That wasn't really mentioned in the review from them was it? Before I get flamed, I acknowledge that Apple has made a good product. But with any good product, the iPhone has its short-comings just like any other device. The review from BGR was the best I have seen thus far and I felt it was a honest and thorough review.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes I will be giving the Storm a shot. I have had an 8703e since the day they came out on Verizon (over two years ago). I have thought about leaving Verizon several times but in the end, it is the network that keeps me. I have absolutely no complaints about making calls, maintaining calls (no dropped calls), the quality of the calls, or connecting to data networks (directly from the device or tethered). Since I do not want to leave the network behind, it is either the Storm or an 8830. I have been eligible for an upgrade for a while now. I figure on giving the Storm a shot for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, if it is a bad experience, I can opt to switch to the 8830. I am of the belief that a lot of the initial issues with the Storm is possibly due to the operating system. I remember those who were early adopters of iPhones had issues in the beginning that were solved with newer versions of the software.

Reviews are one thing but I am one that wants to try things for myself. I want to blaze my own path and see if it is for me or not for me. I am hoping for the best and wish everyone would just be open minded to changes in technology. Without changes, there would be no innovation and without innovation (whether good or bad) there would be no competition.
Yes. I am using the 8830 now and wanted to upgrade but as a power user, I need to have certain functions working effectively.
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