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Hahahaha dude, I got the same problem.

I went through 20 hours of phone calls with ATT so let me break it down for you as it seems as though you have the same issue as I do.

In my building I was able to get 3G and my bars with full, however my calls didnt work, data not sending out etc... strange problem right... until I went to another part of my building where the phone switched to EDGE and everything worked....

Apparently the repeaters in my building are taking an already weak 3G signal and amplifying them so the phone thinks its a strong single but it is actually week but broadcasting a week single does not help get calls threw....

So after doing the same stuff you did I was told one technical support member my problem (after going through about 50 with them only telling me to pull the battery or replace the unit) she understood my problem and escalated this to Blackberry to see if she could find a hack or code to switch the phone from 3G to Edge which would have solved my problem. After a few days she called back and said that Blackberry and ATT are working on a Firmware update for my issue to allow the phone to switch from 3G to Edge.

Unfortunately however I had to return my phone because it wasnt getting reception in my building thus making it a deal breaker...

The two things I have tried to circumvent this issue and force it to Edge are:

1. Try the Rodgers Rom, ATT does not recognize, not a solution.
2. When the battery goes below 10 percent it forces to EDGE. Tried to force my battery to stay at 10 percent however could not find a way to do this consistantly without considerable damage to the phones battery.

So to sum it all up man I feel your pain, and this phone is AWESOME but this problem SUCKS and needs to be addressed before I go back and buy it because it really is amazing.... Hope this helps and Im soo happy I found someone with the same exact problem as me!!!!!!!

I will post when ATT lady calls me back the firm ware fix as she said was not going to be deployed to everyone but is giving me a pre release version to test.... FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Originally Posted by riy View Post
I am on my 2nd bold in week. My issue is the bold seems to try to hold 3g and drops calls. Here are the details.

In my office I have full coverage. With my previous curve on edge and now the bold on 3g. If I move to a different room my coverage drops to anywhere from -85 to -96 db and hangs on to 3g. Problem is, I get numerous call failed when calling out and dropped calls. The few times the bold swtches to edge, NO problems whatsoever with the same signal strength. I know 3g is not supposed to penetrate bldgs as well as edge but this is crazy. Same signal strength (except fluctuates wildly on 3g), same location, same phone, total difference being able to make and keep calls. Since there is no option for edge on ATT not sure what to do. Calling ATT will only result in numerous battery pulls etc. which I've already done. FYI when I do a battery pull, phone pulls in 3g. Again, 3g is fine while in my office (2nd floor by window -70db). Problem is when I move into a lower level room.

Strange thing is other posts on this issue seem to be more along the lines people can't hold onto 3g signal. Mine is the opposite and because the 3g fluctuates wildly, I have call issues.

I've only had the bold for a week and have not really noticed this anywhere else but again when I'm out, I'm not constantly checking for edge, 3g, etc.

FYI, I tried an iphone about 1 1/2 months ago and 3g wouldn't show up in my office. I was very suprised to see the 3g on the bold. Tower must have been just recently converted.

Should I switch back to curve. I would hope since I'm still within my 30days (bought curve full retail, then upgraded to bold exception upgrade, swapped for 2nd bold, I would still be able to return the bold and go back to curve???
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