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[quote=Khue]Well, it ended up taking me damn near the whole weekend to figure it out however, I've managed to do it. The majority of the problem centered around adding Authenticated Users to 3 seperate folders. On my BES there were 3 seperate places i had to touch. The folders include:

C:\program files\common files\research in motion
C:\research in motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Package Cache\FILESHARE_<servername>\RIM
C:\program files\research in motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs
For some reason on our install only local admins had rights to do this. This was particularly odd considering a domain account that had "local admin" rights to the bes setup the account.

The database consistancy service had to be turned on and in order to get a faster response on the log file while troubleshooting i changed the polling for the policies from the standard 4 hours to 10 minutes (never ever do this unless absolutely necessary, this is such a bad idea i lack the verbage to illustrate how utterly bad this is to do on a production box).
I'm currently trying to setup a wireless push for a 3rd party application that my company distributes to it's employees. I've read through the Handheld guide about 10 times now, and believe I have configured everything correctly. Still no pushes though. the handheld configuration tool is picking up that an installation or update is required on an application, but It never does it.
I have two questions from the quote above. What did you have to do in the logs directory? we have ours moved to a seperate drive so I am wondering if thats causing anything... and the other is which polling did you change? the polling of the IT policies?
BES 4.1 sp3/ exchange / win 2003 server... the 3rd party app is packaged with an ALX and the two files that indexing creates. Any suggestions you guys may have would be much apprecaited.