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Originally Posted by CEV View Post
I am wondering if I will be able to do these 2 things as far syncing goes. First I am wondering if I can sync my Outlook folders from work and from home onto a BB? Second, I know you can sync with a USB cable, but will I be able to do this wirelessly if I have a Bluetooth USB device plugged into these computers? I'm thinking this will be a lot easier as it could sync when I'm near the pc instead of physically having to plug it into the pc.


If you're on BIS (which it sounds like you are) you can't sync any outlook folders, home or work, to your BB other than your Inbox. Only your mail in your Inbox will appear on your BB.

You can set up as many email accounts on your BB as you want (up to 10, I think) - go to the Verizon BIS site and add them and their email will start appearing on your BB....Verizon BIS site:

Set up your work and personal email accounts and you'll be able to read/reply to them on your BB.

You can try and set up BT sync (go into Desktop Manager and look at Options>Connection options.

However, syncing via BT w/a BB usually isn't simple, unfortunately, since the BB only works with the XP SP2 BT stack...most computers have "widcomm" BT drivers installed, and those aren't compatible.

If you are somewhat geeky I may be able to point you at some threads that helped me set up BT syncing, but it wasn't that simple to do...
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