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This is a good time to share with you how I keep my BB set up in case something like this happens. I was on a shoot one day and it slipped out of my pocket, luckily for me one of my crew picked it up without me knowing. I didn't find out for over an hour and the entire time I was agonizing about the data on it. My lesson was learned without having to suffer the consequences.

After that incident I now have the device set to lock upon entering the holster. Besides that the program AutoLock is on it; should it get left laying somewhere out of the holster it will lock after the backlight times out in one minute. I lot of people don't agree with me, and feel it's a pain in the butt to have to type your password in 100 times a day, but when you lose your device even once you'll see why it's worth it. I also have an email address and contact number on the display when it's locked so I can be contacted for its return. Lastly I have both the replacement and repair insurance on the device.

With all of that said, my data is the most important thing to me on the device, even more so than someone making a bunch of calls after picking it up. Those charges can be reversed, but someone having your personal information sucks. Should someone find my device it's locked up tight. The only thing they can do is put in the password 10 times incorrectly which will lead to a full device wipe anyway. At the same time I'll be picking up the new unit and syncing all of my backed up data to it.

I feel for you james_bold (great screen name by the way), and I hope this set-up helps you for your new BB and also helps some others out there.
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