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Originally Posted by scottjb View Post
Probably the best thing to do is ditch Ymail. Gmail will let you view the full site from Opera Mini. You'll have access to all your folders. Ypou'll also get free POP and IMAP access.

There is no user agent string in Opera Mini that can be modified by us.
I was afraid so.

I would love to use Gmail, as it works just fine on Opera with my Verizon POP mail account. I've had a problem with Gmail for years and it really has nothing to do with Blackberry, but maybe someone here would have an idea about that too. Here's the problem: When I set up my webmail to pick up POP mail remotely I want to leave the messages on the ISP's server, allowing me to bring them all into my desktop mail when I get home (I need to have all mail in one place when I'm tracking past communications for business reasons). Gmail tells me that my ISP does not allow them to leave messages on the server. This is not true. The ISP says they have no such restriction and other webmail sites have successfully picked up messages and left them on the server. It's apparently Gmail's problem, but they won't accept that it's theirs nor try to troubleshoot it. I have tried everything to get through to them, but it's like trying to talk to someone in Kafka's castle. If someone has any idea how to break through the barrier at Gmail and talk to someone willing to listen I'd love to hear it. I suppose I could sign up for their premium membership, but my guess is I'd spend the money and still get nowhere.
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