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PIN to PIN is unencrypted. Unless you set it up on your BES where the users use a private key, only the users that have that key can decode the message. You can also (with an IT Policy) restrict PIN to PIN messages within your company. IE: Outside users cannot message the internal users and vice versa.
This is not entirely true.
Enabling a Peer-to-Peer Encryption key on BES merely adds another layer of security which will only allow your BES users to send/recieve PIN messages between only the users on your BES.

If you don't have a Peer-to-Peer Encryption key set on your BES, the PIN messages are still scrambled when sending between any two BlackBerry handhelds.
Any data that travels over the RIM infrastructure from start to end is encrypted.

Even PIN messages sent between two non-BES handhelds are scrambled for security purposes.

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