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I'll say this about apple.
I have a touch, as does my wife, plus we have an ibook, imac, and a classic ipd 30gb. I've only had it for 2-3 months and I already have had 3 updates already. My imac has a firmware update at least 1-2 times a week or so (that may be because it has an intel processor?), and I've been a customer of apple for a little over 10 years.
The company's products are over rated, over priced, and software does cost more. They won't upgrade any devices, they make you, the customer, pay for their mistakes (faulty logic boards on ibook).
In my opinion they're an ultra pompous company! As a matter of fact I'm starting to wean my needs off of them because I'll be returning to the windows environment with an hp desktop or even something cheaper like an acer desktop.
With that being said you cannot deny the bar that they made all of the cell phone companies adhere to when it comes to cell phones! As far as the touch is concerned I only use it for music in my car; and the iphone, IMHO, is better suited for teenagers. I mean, my 9 year old son gets on the web with my touch, whereas I never use it because it's a thorn to type on.
Rim has been doing the cell phone thing for a while, so MY OPINION is they should've known better or used better judgement when it came to the storm.
It's like they tried to make the touchscreen different but made it cumbersome!
I'm still playing the "wait & see" game, and if it doesn't improve, I'll just get a 8900 or a bold (if and when they drop the price).

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